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Building Public Awareness for Successful Cities

Energy and water utilities, transportation nodes and networked systems, require many years, much investment and diverse stakeholder involvement to design and to construct. PCG works with both contractors and communities to tell the stories behind how better communities get built.


PCG stays current on the policy environments affecting these highly regulated businesses to assist them with long-term communications programs. We help businesses operate openly and responsibly to public and political demands. Our communications expertise in the infrastructure arena relies on research and fosters return on investment using early outreach activities.


Our methods for infrastructure communications emphasize four major factors:

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    Catalyze the best public relations with good operations.

    Organizations raise their reputation with what others say about them – not what they say about themselves. Strong internal communication programs enable employees at all levels to share the factors contributing to successful infrastructure efforts.

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    Recognize the process challenges inherent in highly regulated businesses.

    PCG has experience providing strategic counsel and executing campaigns that manage expectations and achieve results. We have gained support and participation in advisory boards and safety review panels.

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    Activate community relations activities early and often.

    PCG works with clients to produce communications materials such as white papers, speeches, handouts and exhibits for public hearings and legislative contests.

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    Social media matters.

    The world of pipes, poles and wires often goes unnoticed. However, in a 24/7 world, patience for decades-long projects is short. From consumer education to crisis communications and emergency planning, PCG works with in-house teams to develop meaningful and manageable strategies to engage targeted social media platforms.

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