Our Team

Before my late partner, Ellen Lepper, and I founded PCG in 1981, we had managed national communications programs on energy issues. Our emphasis began with electric power. That experience shaped the growth of our firm. It gave us a deep respect for the importance of discussing complex issues – whether aimed at policy makers, stakeholders or the general public – in clear, persuasive terms without sacrificing technical accuracy.


As we have added to our team, we have emphasized not just these skills, but a drive to solve problems, to continue learning, and to cultivate a culture of collegiality and mutual respect. To risk a cliché: We see PCG as family, and many of our clients do as well.


We’ve found that PCG’s culture fosters honesty in all communications, empathy with all points of view, and creativity to develop meaningful campaigns and messages. We are proud of the real and positive impacts our clients have as we help them reach their audiences.


– Bill Perkins, founding partner

The Team

Mimi Limbach
Managing Partner

Bill Perkins
Founding Partner

Kylee Barton
Project Specialist

Peter Bernstein
Senior Vice President

Marjorie Bitar
Project Manager

Jane Blake

Project Director

Ernest Butler
Project Support

Jamie Caswell
Project Director

Kelly Cousineau
Senior Program Director

Mattie Gainer
Senior Project Coordinator

Leonard Greenberger

Andrew Hallmark

Karen Heinold
Senior Program Director

Laura Hermann

Nora Howe

Rubina Kapil
Senior Project Coordinator

Barbara Longsworth
Senior Creative Director

Evette Martin
Business Manager

Brian Meeley
Vice President

Kati Patrick
Vice President, Creative Strategy

Jacqulyn Priestly
Vice President

Christina Walrond
Senior Program Manager