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Global Impact

Succeeding in a Secure, Global Business Climate

In the last 20 years, businesses have adapted to constant and inescapable connectivity. Global supply chains have accelerated competition. Multicultural teams require more creative collaboration. And interdependencies such as trade agreements, export control, patent protection and cybersecurity can elevate an incident in one location to a worldwide crisis.


In this context, international clients find value in PCG’s experience and insights. They seek our independent assessments, strategic counsel and capacity building for communicating across borders. For governments evaluating ways to diversify their national energy programs, PCG has provided support and counsel. For businesses, PCG has provided market analysis, proven communication practices and benchmarking that help companies find distinction in their marketplaces.


PCG’s approach focuses on the internal and external communication needs of international clients.

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    Facilitate participation across cultures.

    Multinational businesses feature diverse teams. PCG helps clients identify and implement proven internal communication practices to achieve their management goals. Our messaging workshops help unify divisions around shared goals.

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    Communicate about expanding business overseas.

    Our experience began with energy clients looking to conduct media audits and analyses and grew into services to develop messaging, white papers, op-eds, and strategy documents for “newcomers” in priority economic sectors.

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    Integrate tools and channels for results.

    PCG offers strategic counsel to help teams integrate current risk mitigation, marketing and outreach activities into business-relevant results. We stay current with trends and new online tools that can maximize the impact of traditional fact sheets, talking points, questions and answers, videos and digital products.

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    Aggregate and apply proven practices.

    PCG’s experience developing and coordinating grassroots and educational programs spans three continents. We help organizations build internal capacity for communications on siting, policy and regulatory issues. Our workshops prepare managers for demanding presentations in public settings and with the international media.

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