What to Say When Things Get Tough

by Leonard S. Greenberger 

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All business professionals find themselves in tough situations from time to time, whether it’s dealing with a recalcitrant employee or siting a controversial industrial facility.

Communicating when people are angry, worried and suspicious requires special strategies, skills and techniques. In What to Say When Things Get Tough, PCG Partner Leonard Greenberger uses many of the firm’s real-world experiences to illustrate how to win people over by understanding how people assess risk in tough situations, sending the right verbal and non-verbal messages, and establishing and maintaining trust and credibility. He also provides basic training in how to conduct media interviews, including a fool-proof model for answering difficult questions.

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Leonard S. Greenberger works with hundreds of clients – including senior corporate and non-profit executives and military officers – to prepare them to communicate in tough situations. He is a seasoned veteran of guiding clients through crises where effective communication often makes the difference between success and failure.

As a partner at Potomac Communications Group (PCG) in Washington, D.C., where he has worked for more than 20 years, he helped to adapt the firm’s study of risk perception and assessment into a training curriculum that teaches the strategies, skills and techniques necessary to win people over when they are angry, worried and suspicious. He and the firm also expanded the application of the curriculum beyond areas involving traditional environmental risks to everyday business situations, from branding to employee relations.

Leonard earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications at the University of Michigan and a Master of Science in Journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. Prior to joining PCG, he covered Capitol Hill for an energy industry trade magazine. He has presented and written extensively on communicating in challenging situations for a variety of audiences, public and private, and consumer and trade publications. What to Say When Things Get Tough is his first, but hopefully not last, book.

An avid runner and reader, Leonard lives in Washington, D.C., with his two children. He can be reached at lgreenberger@pcgpr.com.

This book is one of the best guidebooks on the practice of public relations that I have seen. Leonard Greenberger brings the strength of his experience and insights to life in ways that will make anyone more successful in this business.

– Jim Owen
Executive Director, Member Relations
Edison Electric Institute

Anyone who leads an organization of any size, who speaks in public, manages others, or has to respond to others about problems they've been part of causing, should read this book. If you want to learn why PowerPoint is a very poor way to present, why empathy works wonders, how positive messages, eye contact and the right facial expressions can add up to make you overwhelmingly effective - or not - then this book is for you. Even after decades of public speaking, teaching and delivering customer service and effective leadership, I can say with confidence that Leonard Greenberger's book brought me dozens of new insights that will help me improve my effectiveness in all walks of life. If you take Leonard’s tips to heart and put them to work, they will, I’m confident, change your life too.

– Ari Weinzweig
Co-Owner & Founding Partner Zingerman's
Author, Zingerman’s Guide to Giving Great Service; Zingerman’s Guide to Good Leading, Part 1: A Lapsed Anarchists Approach to Building a Great Business, and Zingerman’s Guide to Good Leading, Part 2: A Lapsed Anarchists Approach to Being a Better Leader

I’ve worked with Leonard and his partners for many years, so I know his expertise first hand. What to Say When Things Get Tough provides a detailed roadmap for anyone who needs to communicate with hostile audiences. Every business professional should have a copy on the shelf and pull it down whenever a tough situation presents itself. I intend to do so.

– Win Porter
President, Waste Policy Center Former Assistant Administrator for Solid Waste and Emergency Response, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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