How do we help our clients?

We've become a full-service communications agency for many clients, planning and helping execute a wide range of communications and public affairs programs. We emphasize the importance of careful research to shape the messages and strategies of most outreach efforts. Here's a sampling of our services.

Strategic Communications -
positioning, messaging, executive communications, strategic communications plans

Creative Services -
design and graphics that deliver your messages with an impact, both online and in real-world applications, from exhibits to microsites, social media applications, presentations and printed materials

Crisis Communications -
planning for effective communications in an emergency, and immediate assistance with response to a crisis

Public Policy Support -
creatively working with influential media - general, trade, bloggers, 'Beltway' - and other indirect channels to support government relations initiatives

Community Relations/Siting -
identifying the messages, most powerful local advocates and most effective channels to win and maintain community support for new or continuing operations

Media Relations -
beginning with messages and storylines that truly deserve media attention, and then presenting them in ways customized for the greatest effectiveness for each key journalist

Employee Communications -
audits, assessment, program plans and assistance with outreach, to build employee awareness and morale

Marketing Communications -
written, visual, online and personal outreach to support B2B, B2G and B2C sales, especially for products and services that involve technical or other special complexities

Risk Communications -
training and application of the principles of risk communication for presentations to the media or live audiences that involve the perception of health, environmental or financial risk

Media Training/Presentation Training -
helping clients become more effective in their media appearances and interviews, and in the presentations to peer audiences

Association Communications -
the full range of communications and public affairs for associations and professional societies, from marketing and membership to positioning and public policy support

Social Media -
designing the most effective and efficient social media programs, with an emphasis on leveraging existing blogs and other online resources

In addition, we have extensive experience in handling a wide range of issues involving the perception of risk, governmental regulation, corporate taxes and financial services.