From the outset, our primary issue and area of expertise was energy. We have systematically built on that base to become recognized experts in virtually all subsets of energy and in a wide range of issues that intersect with this important subject.

Electric Power -
with deep knowledge in production, delivery, use and efficiency, including widely recognized leadership in nuclear power, siting of transmission lines and other controversial facilities, utility rates and environmental issues related to fossil-fuel generation

Other energy forms -
broad experience with issues related to coal, oil, natural gas, solar power and energy efficiency programs

Environment and Public Health -
in particular, the environmental and public health questions often raised about industrial and governmental activities and their products and services, including power generation, manufacturing, and product and food safety

Science and Engineering -
R&D, pure science, traditional engineering and high-tech, with a special interest in helping lay audiences understand the importance of science and engineering, and encouraging students to consider careers in those important fields

Infrastructure -
manufacturing, chemicals, construction, transportation - the physical backbone of our economy

Regulation -
the impact of regulation on industrial and business activities

In addition, we have extensive experience in handling a wide range of issues involving the perception of risk, governmental regulation, corporate taxes and financial services.